SkyScape is an independently owned, multi faceted, tech company that provides a variety of invaluable services to both business and residential sectors. Founded in 2013 in the San Francisco Bay Area, it has seen steady growth and success. Because it is independently owned, it is able to provide excellent service at unbeatable prices without any corporate influence changing the focus from the customer. Our goal is to provide better services than our competition for lower prices than they offer.


Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO, Chris started SkyScape. He is responsible for running the company and managing day to day activities of all employees. He provides the vision and passion that drives this company towards greater successes. He has an extensive history in information systems, networking, IT, systems administration, computer hardware, and running several businesses.



Aaron manages the finances of the company. He is responsible for accounting as well as investment of the companies resources. Aaron has a masters in business administrations from Dominican University and graduated summa cum laude. He has worked in the banking industry and financial sector.